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Make payments simple and instant for you and your customers—no matter the assets or country.

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Working with partners across the globe, our digital transaction platform transcends networks and international borders, replacing the complexity of cross-border transactions with security, predictability, certainty, and simplicity. With Yaka, you and your customers have one place to view and transact your digital assets—anywhere in the world—regardless of asset types or financial networks needed.

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Simply smart. Incredibly easy.

From how easy we are to integrate, to how easy Yaka is to use, choosing us as your payment partner benefits you at every step.

  • Fast


    No more waiting hours or days for a cross-border transfer to go through. Transactions through Yaka take seconds, not days.

  • Simple


    Easily send, convert your assets or simply spend using our co-branded Visa debit card.

  • Secure


    All assets that are represented in the wallet are held with compliant partners and they are responsible for your funds.

  • easy to integrate

    Easy to integrate

    We provide a set of APIs that make it easy to integrate the Yaka wallet into your site and app.

  • Backed By Experience

    Backed by experience

    With experience in banking, compliance, capital markets, cards and beyond, we have the knowledge to provide compliant global cross border payments.

  • No Maintenance

    No maintenance

    No need to do updates or upgrades. No reworking code to accommodate changes in our platform. We take care of all of that on our end, so you’re always getting the most updated Yaka experience.

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